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Special Note: In the future, get your guesses to CHENG. This will ensure that no one accidentally hears your answers! I would also like to say, the default list of contestants consists of Matt, Liu, Gas, LJ, and NS, if u would like to be added or know someone who would like to be added, contact Cheng, who is added by default now.

March 1, 2005

This weeks words are "Uppie trap" and diagnosis. Even though it ended up being more Uppie trap than diagnosis. Whoever gets the most right will win a jiggily prize. If everyone gets zero, Cheng wins. This is a Chengocracy, so Cheng has the right to do stuff Gas would do in his Timocracy.

  1. I disagree with cheng that uppie trap is one word. Say, for example, you needed to trap some uppies. First you would have to go to the forest where there would probably be some ninnish uppie herd, and then you would have to set some ninnish Uppie Traps. Once you got an uppie, you'd have to give it a diagnosis to make sure it was ok. That's why uppies should be treated as their own word. They deserve fair treatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Liucifer)
  2. the uppie trap is a great move. especially in golden axe. you can sort of inch them towards the top of the screen and then they're stuck so you can hit them easy. i think they have a poor diagnosis when they're in the uppie trap(Gasket)
  3. The "Uppie Trap" is a word that came into the Chenglish language out of the playing of and the diagnosis of the game Golden Axe 3. We can all assume that Cheng is the first person who said it. It is specifically when the players use magic on the bosses. If you push the magic button at the time when the bosses are at the highest hight in the air, they will "fly like a beagle."(Fat Fingers)
  4. When you uppie trap something it has a bad diagnosis. The thing won't be able to get out, unless it gets some help. The diagnosis of the uppie trap can help the thing in the uppie trap get out, due to the good diagnosis and proper steps of getting out of the uppie trap.(Cheng)
  5. The uppie trap is a common term in chenglish. It is an extremely effective move in golden axe and sometimes in basketball. If the symtom is victory, the diagnosis is uppie trap. (Ns)

People's answers-

Liucifer guessed 1 as Liu, 2 as Ns, 3 as Fat, 4 as Cheng, and 5 as gasket. That gives him 2 pts. Gas guessed 1 as LJ, 2 as Gas, 3 as Liucifer, 4 as Ns, and 5 as Fat. That gives him 0 pts. Fat guessed 1 as Ns, 2 as Liu, 3 as Fat, 4 as Gas, and 5 as Cheng. That gives him the big zero. Ns guessed 1 as Liu, 2 as Fat, 3 as Gas, 4 as Cheng, and 5 as Ns. That gives him 2 points. That means Liu and Ns tied this week. It also means that both of them won the prize this week.

September 21, 2004

Sign Up with Cheng for ur chance to be a viewer addition in next week's edition. You also need to sign up in order to be part of the official guessing crew. This could soon start to turn into a guessing competition, but we'll have to see. You are automatically signed up if if i think you should be.

The randomly selected subject is "rubber"

  1. This is definately one of those few things about which i would not say safety second. (Sean)
  2. If i owned a rubber plantation, i would expand it and make myself a millionaire. Then I could buy whatever i wanted. First i would buy a nice car. Then i would open up a chain or sushi bars. Then I would invest it in the stock market. Then when i was old and didn't have anything much else to do, i would start a charitable origanazion dedicated to shuting down all the unecessary charatible orginizations (such as the save the domestic animals foundation, you know the stupid ones that don't really do much for the world), so people would put their money to a more worthwhile charity. (Matt)
  3. Natural rubber is associated with a milky secretion called latex. These secretions can be found in trees and bushes. Not all of them, though. Rubber is effective, even when it gets hot. Here are some more facts about rubber...

• It is conformable, adaptable and can accommodate movement, shock, thermal changes tolerances and roughness

• It has friction properties similar to human skin and is comfortable to grip

• It can maintain tension and compression forces indefinitely

There are many reasons why rubber is used, so don't leave home without it. Its really cool stuff. Most of the time, its good for blocking stuff or having stuff bounce off of it. Like on bumper cars and stuff like that.(Cheng)

Who said what?: The guesses

People's answers

  1. breakdown- A full array of answers were given for number 1. Sean and Matt were the only people who got it correct. I'm guessing this is because sean said it and matt just knows it in his ninny brain. safety second was the key phrase
  2. breakdown- like number one, a full array of answers appeared for number two. Matt and LJ were the only people to figure it out. Matt because he remembered that he said it, and LJ just because(gq on how she figured it out). I think sushi might've helped.
  3. breakdown- Two people figured this one out also, but not cheng(he isn't allowed to guess). Liu and Sean cracked the code. Number three looked like a pro-rubber campaign.

Matt, Sean, Liu, and LJ all tied at one a peice. Tim is the only stooge that didn't get one.

September 14, 2004

Today's subject is: Submarine 1 person got 1 of the answers right this week! Nice job!

  1. If I were working in a submarine, i think i know what job i would take. I would be the periscope operator. It sounds like an interesting job and I could do other stuff while searching the sea. I would also get to watch other ships blow up and would have the best chance at seeing a missile come at us. That is, if the ship doesn't have radar or if you don't count radar as seeing. I would also get to go whale watching or at least wave watching. Being a periscope operator sounds like a good job for me. (Cheng)
  2. That reminds me of floater...then i think of vlad. Did i just say that? (LJ)
  3. Submarines are vehicles that take you under the sea. As you'll see, they are primarily for exploring the ocean, so if you go in a submarine, that's where you'll be. They can also be used for smaller bodies of water like lakes, but you don't hear much about that. (Luigi)

Who said what?: The guesses

Shoo__ (12:21:21 AM): Final answers:
1) you
2) unit
3) chengstein

lilLorL___ (12:24:05 AM): haha i think its between you n timba.. but i cant figure out which one
ducks__ (12:24:19 AM): well you have to guess
lilLorL___ (12:24:28 AM): okay
lilLorL___ (12:24:31 AM): hmm
lilLorL___ (12:24:55 AM): i think hes the first n you're the third

GeneralMonk___ (11:44:26 PM): matt said 1. gas 2. sean 3. cheng

slo__ (12:32:03 AM): i wanna say tim said the first one
slo__ (12:32:07 AM): cheng said the third one
slo__(12:32:11 AM): and i'm still working on the second
slo__ (12:35:09 AM): out of pure random ness number two was said by
slo__(12:35:25 AM): sean

How does it work?

Basically, we get three people to same something on the same subject, and then you get to guess Who said that?

The conversation below is about how Cheng came up with the idea. We no longer use the system where Chengameepheus says one thing, Liuigi says another, and the third person is random. You'll just have to guess.

GeneralMonkeys: 3 features isn't good
GeneralMonkeys: 4 is better
Party on Aisle 7: well pick a 4th
GeneralMonkeys: i can't think of anything
Party on Aisle 7: haha

GeneralMonkeys: i might have something

Auto response to GeneralMonkeys: well, you couldn't expect me not to shower

mattu_: i did
mattu_: you scumbag
mattu_: wait
mattu_: i should shower

GeneralMonkeys: its called Who said that?
Party on Aisle 7: hahahahah
Party on Aisle 7: how's that work
GeneralMonkeys: lol
GeneralMonkeys: a subject is picked at random
Party on Aisle 7: ok
GeneralMonkeys: then i say something about it, u say something about it, and a random viewer says something
GeneralMonkeys: and people try to pick who said what
Party on Aisle 7: hahahahaha!!!!