Uppie Trap

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Origin: (Golden Axe)

Definition: Refers to any position in a videogame where the player can attack enemies while remaining unharmed. Although this originally refered to the position of the enemies in golden axe (Where you could trap the enemy above you on the screen), it can also be used in contexts where "up" does not directly apply. For instance, in FPS games.

Example: A new example of this came up when Cheng played a game of Command & Conquer: Renegade. Cheng used the PP gun throughout the whole game, because for nearly every big enemy vehicle, there was a place you could hide and shoot the enemy without getting hit. This spot was called, in typical Meeph fashion, the G spot. His theory was that for every enemy vehicle or big enemy in the game, there was a G spot. This theory has not been proven.