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Usage: Tim/ba/gas
mattu37: TIM
GeneralMonkeys: ba
Shoo86: gas

Origin: Timbagas originated from a game invented by Cheng. In this game, each of us had a colony, and we all had different resources and lands and technologies. Tim got a unique resource known as Timbagas, and although it's unclear what exactly Timbagas is comprised of, we do know it has amazing properties that defy the laws of physics.

In fact, the great scientist Chengstein came up with many studies of how Timbagas causes vehicles to be heavier, as well as other physical properties of this gas, which is believed to only originate from Tim. Timbagas production can be stimulated by possibly Mountain Dew and most famously, Doritos, other stimulations have not been proved.

The Tim/ba/gas chant began one night while cheng was playing a WWF game on PS2. Tim had too many doritos or something and was blessed with excess gaseous matter throughout the night.

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