The Poking Stick

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The Poking Stick

Origin: Yes, the Poking Stick is Something Squeegie would say. He probably originated the name, although who knows.

The well known poking stick. It was used for many poke jobs. The Poking Stick is any object that can be used for Poking or Probing of some sort.

The Poking Stick is not just one Poking Stick. It started out when we actually used the woods for land, and there were such things as Fort Pie and the Chrississippi. The Poking Stick was a large stick found in the woods, used as a primitive tool. It probably first came about in the back of Cheng's house.

To find another poking stick, we would go on the Quest for the Poking Stick, and because we always needed a tool, we eventually went on many quests for the poking stick. The last was something around Quest for the Poking Stick XVIII.