The Harvickator

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Origin: Kevin Harvick, a driver from Nascar Thunder (and actual NASCAR)

Definition: The Harvickator is the Lord of Destruction, and it all started like this: While playing Nascar Thunder on our Florida vacation, I decided it would be more fun to drive in the opposite direction from the usual. None of the other cars changed their ways though, and so the Harvickator, Lord of Destruction, destroyed their cars in semi-spectacular virtual destruction frenzy. Luckily, human driven cars have self healing.

Cheng played the The Schraderader, and we managed to finish 10th in one race, simply by destroying all the cars that were before tenth. (Squeegee)

You can visit Kevin Harvick's site at

Note: This site describes actions on a video game and in no way, shape, or form, advocates Nascar drivers to drive in a particular direction. The Encyclopedia of Justice and its affiliates in no way advocates the destruction of cars or reckless behavior, and is not responsible for the decisions of others who may visit this site.