The Bump Family

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The Bump Family:
Origin: Road up to Squeegie's house
On the road up the hill to Squeegie's house, there is a sign that says:
Someone, I forget who, said something like, "oh, is that the Bump family?" The name stuck, and now bumps in general belong to the Bump Family. This includes ski bumps, so if you aren't an experienced skier, you should avoid meeting the Bump Family.

mattu37: when i was drivin lor and cheng to liu's
harrrycarrry: hahahahahahhahahaha
mattu37: they were fixing his road
mattu37: so we had to take the detour
harrrycarrry: hahahahahahahaha
mattu37: and there was a speed bump
harrrycarrry: that i figured was there
harrrycarrry: lol
mattu37: indeed
ducksrmyantidrug: at 15 miles per hour
ducksrmyantidrug: lol
CaribbeanJewL 9: HAHAHAHAHA
mattu37: by the sign that said "BUMP"
CaribbeanJewL 9: i wish i was there
mattu37: so lor's like
harrrycarrry: hahahahahahahah
CaribbeanJewL 9: i love speed bumps
ducksrmyantidrug: lmao
harrrycarrry: hahahahahaha
mattu37: who has a last name like bump
harrrycarrry: hahahahahahahaha
ducksrmyantidrug: hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah
CaribbeanJewL 9: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha