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[19:34] teus: i saw a shirt today that said Fat Tues Day

[19:34] teus: and i thought

[19:34] teus: if only the U and the E were switched

[19:34] teus: it would be Fat Teus day

[19:34] tardicus: hahahahahaha

[19:34] tardicus: that would be a funny day

[19:34] teus: at first i thought that's what it said

[19:34] teus: but then i looked again

[19:34] tardicus: haha

[19:35] tardicus: Fat Teus Day

[19:36] teus: lol

[19:36] tardicus: u should make a fat teus day shirt

[19:36] teus: indeed

[19:36] teus: we shoudl make a fat teus day

[19:37] tardicus: is it a tuesday?

[19:37] teus: idk, but it is a teusday

[19:38] tardicus: indeed, lol

[19:38] tardicus: what happens on fat teus day?

[19:39] teus: idk, it has to be like fat tuesday, but also different

[19:40] tardicus: hmm

[19:40] tardicus: we could gorge on something fat would gorge on

[19:40] teus: stacks

[19:40] teus: if it was you i would say cheese

[19:40] tardicus: indeed

[19:40] teus: but what do i love to eat as much as you love cheese?

[19:41] tardicus: i don't know, i'm not your morimoto

[19:41] teus: hahahaha wts

[19:41] teus: is that korean?

[19:41] tardicus: lol

[19:41] tardicus: no

[19:41] tardicus: STOOGE

[19:41] tardicus: from iron chef

[19:41] teus: hahahahhaha

[19:41] teus: wts

[19:42] teus: i don't know what a morimoto is

[19:42] tardicus: HE'S ONE OF THE CHEFS

[19:42] tardicus: iron chef japanese

[19:42] teus: hahahaha

[19:42] teus: stacks

[19:42] teus: then how could you be my morimoto

[19:44] tardicus: if i was your chef

[19:44] tardicus: lol

[19:44] teus: ok

[19:45] tardicus: would it be a vegetable?

[19:45] *** Auto-response from teus: reading or eating or sleeping or watching tv, whichever seems most appealing at the moment is probably what i'm doing

[19:46] tardicus: that might be odd

[19:46] teus: stacks

[19:46] tardicus: Fat Teus Day, if it meant gorging on cucumbers, that would be jiggily

[19:46] teus: hahahaha

[19:47] teus: how about hot wings and beer

[19:47] teus: i enjoy both

[19:47] teus: so that's what it'll be

[19:47] tardicus: ok, that works

[19:47] tardicus: lol

[19:47] teus: as spicy as possible

[19:47] tardicus: ok

[19:47] tardicus: lol

[19:47] tardicus: i got spicetized in korea

[19:47] teus: good

[19:47] teus: so what day of the year is this going to be?

[19:48] tardicus: at least it has the teus touch

[19:48] tardicus: hmm

[19:49] tardicus: oh, cheng knows

[19:50] tardicus: the fourth day of the teus month

[19:50] teus: wts is the teus month

[19:50] teus: and why the forth day>

[19:50] teus: ??

[19:50] tardicus: because teus has 4 letters

[19:50] tardicus: teus month is the month that teus popped out

[19:50] teus: hahahahahaha

[19:50] teus: ok

[19:51] teus: june 4th is officially teus day

[19:51] teus: the day when much hotwings and beer is comsumed

[19:51] teus: spread the news

[19:51] tardicus: haha

[19:51] tardicus: indeed

[12:57] meeph: i like saying teus
[12:57] meeph: teus
[12:57] squeegie: say it again
[12:58] meeph: teus
[12:58] squeegie: again
[12:58] meeph: teus
[12:58] squeegie: one more
[12:58] meeph: teus
[12:58] squeegie: ok, just one more time
[12:58] meeph: teus
[12:58] squeegie: can you do one more
[12:58] meeph: teus
[12:58] squeegie: ok, this is the last one
[12:59] meeph: teus