Smuggling Ring

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From Fattus and Squeegie's game 10/26/2009

  • When you end it's probably going by money but that makes no sense because all our money is in Cocaine. We could change Travel to Finish turn at the end.
  • What happens if you issue two travel orders? Block that.
  • It'd be nice if we knew who was where.


  • Separate data into file for commodities
  • Central server register (no more IPs to join)
  • Review stuff for JT4
  • Then play it a lot


: prices next to the commodities
: it would be preferable to keep trade open by default but that's p2
: prices next to the commodities and a turn indicator and i think we could practically play with canadia
t: okay
t: i'll grab the turn indicator
t: you get the prices
: stacks
t: or i could grab both and you could tweak the trade widget
: to do what
t: well
t: its a bit hard to use
t: because you have to do math to figure out how much you can buy
t: maybe we can display total cost, or limit the slider to what can be afforded
: ooh
: both sound good