Shut the hell up

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Shut the hell up:
GeneralMonkeys: its not funty without the setup of justice
mattu37: now sean, can i have some pie?
GeneralMonkeys: i think i know what sean should say
Shoo86: you can have some shut the hell up!
Party on Aisle 7: hahahahaha
mattu37: THANK YOU
GeneralMonkeys: lol
Party on Aisle 7: gc
GeneralMonkeys: finally
GeneralMonkeys: lol
OzzJan14: lol
Shoo86: and you could wash that down with a drink from our shut the hell up fountain
lilLorLor4u: haha
mattu37: now that's the stuff
OzzJan14: it is?
Shoo86: complimentary shut the hell up mints
Shoo86: take as many as you wish!!
Shoo86: ok, im done
Party on Aisle 7: lol
mattu37: can i have some shut the hell up to go too?
Shoo86: yeah, ill go put it in a shut the hell up bag