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Questions of the week are answered every Sunday.

March 12. 2006

This comes from Cheng's cranium. Which of the following stories sounds more entertaining than the rest? 1) A tri or dos-person written story about Antarctican Nation Developmentation over other cheesy nations. 2) A story about different leaders in Canadia leading different people's to war. 3) The story for Stooge Story. 4) Build your own story, where cheng will create some kind of choose your own adventure, except have it slightly built around one of the previous ideas or a newbie.

Squeegie: I think that this is a broad categorization. You could probably make a really good (1) and a really bad (4), or a really bad (1) and a really good (4). It all depends on the inspiration in the nation (in this case, the writing nation).

In fact, why not combine the ideas? I think a (2) + (3) might be a classic Canadiadian tale, or you could have a (3) + (4) that would be just like the Stooge game in progress. You just have to use your cranium and not just pick a door.

February 24. 2006

This qotw comes from someone, although i only know its not cheng. This is in reference to the Canadia Olympics. Please respond with some solutions.

Are there going to be any sort of prizes for the winners?

NS: I think we should design some type of Canadia Olympic medals similar to that of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze.. only with more Canadiadian titles.

October 30. 2005

This week's QOTW is a doosey. Cheng and Matteo were thinking how much of an atvantage it is to have a nerd as a good friend. And we realized that we're extra lucky because we have two. But then the conversation escalated and we wondered.......Who is the bigger nerd Christopher LIUliu or TIMba Gas?

(Cheng)- Well, we know Fattus is the biggest ninnymon, since he's used the value of inaction since october 30th on this q.

October 10. 2005

This week's QOTW comes from Cheng's Cranium. Cheng was thinking and thought this. What if Canadia had Olympics? Interesting idea. What events would you like to see take place at this possible Canadia Olympics? How would this event be organized (teams? individuals?, where are events?, how long?)? Just try to write some stuff that you would like to see in the Canadia Olympics (is there a better name?) and how you see it taking place.

Gas: Canadia Sumo. Team whitesox vs. Team asiasox

Matteo: E2E, Donkey Pong, 3-man pool, regular pool, regular ping pong, ultimate frisbee, inner square, hand tennis, soccer tennis, Golden Axe 3 face-off, noodle eating contest, most juggles without dropping the soccerball or hackysack contest, star craft contest, fake tournament contest, AOE contest, cranium, and that's all i have for now.

October 1, 2005

Fudgemaster comes in this week with a question. what are a few of Chengsteins most popular theories/findings?

Since that implies 3, Chengstein must think for a few seconds. Chengstein's most valued finding is very important to Canadia and comes to mind for any Canadiadian. Chengstein has done extensive chengsearch on Timba Gas. The results of these can be seen in an Ask Cheng! answer.

1) Dear Chengstein, I am unclear as to how timba gas affects the weight of a car. Could you please ecplain this to me?


Ns, good q. This is a very good q, because weight is important when it comes to cars. I will try to ecplain this to you. In order for this to take place, the timba gas has to be present inside the car, no other gas that i know of can do what timba gas does. The timba gas is released into the interior of the car (through gasmosis or using the container method/transportaion manuever). The timba gas is a kind of gas that sinks to the ground, so it sinks to the ground. When it is on the ground, it seeps into the carpet or whatever is on the floor of your car. The timba gas settles in the floor of the car and makes ur car heavier, since its so heavy. This is one reason that its not recommended to take a long trip with Timba Gas, because he slows you down. This gasation can also takes place anywhere gas is. If he were to ride in an airplane, the plane would get heavier. Timba gas makes the world a heavier place. When the gas seeps into the carpet or whatever, it becomes trapped between two solids(carpet and plastic or whatever the case may be). The gas wants to keep going down, but it can't use the timba gas seeping quality to get through some solids. This creates a timba gas pocket. These timba gas pockets decide to seep back up through the seepable surface they went throught (carpet). These are called gas ups, and the timba gas stays in the surface until it gets forced out or gets nuetralized back into a more normal gas. This normalization can be brought on by water and extra air. We do not yet have an answer as to if timba gas can last forever. We think timba gas can only last forever in science labs, but not outside of it. To make sure I answered your q, I will say again that timba gas increases the weight of a car through gasation and gas ups. Timba gas is an important gas to know in every day life.

2) Chengstein's second finding is lesser known than the timba gas phenomenon. This is the Speed of Mass. Chengstein discovered this through testing in a real environment situation. Liuigi sideways and Chengameepheus were skiing. Chengstein assumed Chengameepheus had more mass than liuigi sideways. Chengstein noticed that Chengameepheus would move faster down a certain section of the ski slope than liuigi. Chengstein was then able to rule out things such as slope wetness, torquetion, and liu glasses resistance through a bungalow of test runs. Chengstein was able to conclude that the mass of Cheng was what made Meepheus faster than Liuigi.

3) Cheng's third theory is well known by some and unwell known by others. This factor is known as Michigan Factor. Cheng has been known to pound this theory into helpless listeners every once in a while. It shows that Michigan players moving between teams can bring skills and wins to that team. Cheng will start in the NBA. My favorite example in the NBA is Robert Traylor. In the 03-04 season, Traylor was a member of the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets had made the playoffs two years in a row as a 5th and 6th seed. Traylor was then moved to the Cleveland. In the 2003-2004 season, Cleveland missed the playoffs. Going along according to the M-factor, the Hornets went on to post the second worst record in the NBA after letting Traylor go. Cleveland, meanwhile, barely missed the playoffs and increased their win total by 7 from the previous year.

Cheng now will move to the NFL. The obvious example is Tom Brady, who took over the team and lead them to 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. I barely have to explain that example. Cheng's currents example is Brian Griese. Griese took over for Brad Johnson and Chris Simms last year and started the games that Tampa Bay won, all 5 of them. Simms and Johnson combined for an 0-5 record between them. This year, Griese has lead the team to a 3-0 record. Cheng would also like to point to San Fransisco and Cleveland. Both of those teams selected a Michigan player (David Baas for San Fran and Braylon Edwards for Cleveland) and both of these teams are improved from last year and will most likely increase their wins.

Cheng will now proceed to the NHL. Brodeur won it for the New Jersey Devils in 2000, right? Wrong. That was the first full year John Madden, a free agent signing out of Michigan played. Madden would also go on to play on the 2003 Stanley Cup Championship team. Another example I would like to use is Brendan Morrison. Morrison played on that 2000 Stanley Cup team as well. Morrison was then traded to the Canucks. The Canucks have moved from an 8 seed that year, to a 3rd seed the last year the NHL was in session behind Morrison.

September 14, 2005

As a comeback for QOTW, Cheng had to think of a quick question. We also have the long awaited return of Samuel L. and the other question answerers. Canadia is known for its wide array of games that are played in a variety of ways and locations. This week, we ask our answerers which game they prefer and which game they don't prefer? We ask that the game be Candiadian, so while 3-man pool counts, Minesweeper would not. Add in a slight discription of the game and what makes it a keeper or what makes it jiggily poofed.

Cheng: I would have to say that my current favorite game would have to be Hand Tennis. This is slightly modified tennis where you use your hands and a smaller court. You need to be on the good hands team for this game. I'm trying to think of a jiggily game right now, but one isn't coming to me. I might have to say Donkey Pong, just because of the close quarters. Although the goalie action in this game is second to none. You get paddles, pillows, and a ping-pong ball. You basically try to get the ball into the other teams goal, usually by shooting, often using angular shots. Often times, the opponent is too close to you for even a chance at blockage, so blockage can be a matter of position + luck.

Gas: My current favorite game is Fake. Mostly because I totally dominate Cheng whenever we play. It's not his fault, some people have it, and some people dont. As for least favorite game, any game involving me not winning. Yeah, thats about it.

Squeegie: Personally I don't know if Fake counts as Canadiadian because it wasn't made in Canadia. Maybe I'll give it a partial count. I don't have a favorite, but one game I'd like to play right now is Dice End-to-End, mainly because after playing so much fake it seems like you could have a lot of strategy with aimification and stuff. It's probably not my top ranked game though. As far as jiggliness goes, I don't think I have a clear winner (or non-winner).

March 13, 2005

This week, we have a slightly cheesy question that pertains to Canadia gaming. Everyone has their favorites in gaming, such as games, tactics, and stuff. Different people build and do different things. This week we will look at units/weaponry. In the following games, AOE and Starcraft, what are your favorite units to build? In Fake Tournament, what weapon do you tko people with the most (don't say pistol pete, unless you go Cheng style (in Outlaws, Chengamepheus rarely used a gun other than the pp gun))?

Cheng: This question is pretty easy to answer. In AOE I build massive villagers, trade cogs, and archers. All of this is in an attempt to go doffensive. In Starcraft, I attempt to build enough air units to sink the Titanic (and the Bismark). In Fake Tournament, you can see me with the shotgun-like yellow gun, unless i'm on Cheng the Inchworm Mode.

Squeegie: Cheng has good picks for a lot of his stuff, so a lot of my picks are the same. For AOK, I have trade cogs and a small elite army for a doffensive lineup. In Starcraft, I don't have a particular preference, but I build as many collection units as possible. In Fake Tournament, I usually go for the yellow gun, but occasionally my person may be seen with the Chrisdeemer.

Matteo: Hmmm...let me think. For AOE, my favorite unit would have to be the Elephante. Starcraft woudl have to be the Protoss Blimpies. And in Fake, I like the Sniper Rifle and the Green Lazer Gun, not to be mistaken with the Green GooBer Gun.

February 27, 2005

This week, we have a very good question. What is the difference between a HON & EOJ, which one does more damage, and how do they compare to one another? Any other discussion on HON's and EOJ's are welcome, or if anyone would like to add an official move to the list, they can. Our panel of experts will consist of fat fingers, the prime user of the HON, Chengamepheus, the user of the EOJ, and NS, the only known person to get hit with both attacks.

Cheng: I will first tell the audience what an EOJ in fact is. It stands for Elbow of Justice, which will make sense in a few short lines. Imagine this scenario, you are sitting in a cafeteria with the usual Cafeteria tables. You have a stooge sitting next to. He decides to hit you on the head with a spoon. In order to follow the Chengamepheus rule, "don't instigate, retaliate", you must get back at him. You can't really get force behind a poof punch or anything. This is where an EOJ comes in handy. Step 1- charge up by moving your elbow (target side) to the opposite side as far as it wants to go. Step 2- swing your arm at the target with the triceps aimed at the destination. You normally want to hit the midsection of the target, driving the target off the seat. If you hit this area with enough force it is very hard to for the target to remain in an erect position. If done properly, it will result in the target landing on the floor. This action would most likely be very effective against the spooner. It is an attack used from the side to force the target to back it up onto their backbones.

Matteo: Well since Cheng explained his main lunch table retaliation manuvere, i will explain mine in the greatest detail i can. First of all HON stands for hand of nod. The hand of nod is actually a bilding that produces ground units in the stragety game of Command and Conquer. As for the actual move...unlike the EOJ, the HON is designed to dish out punishment across the lunch table. It is not always used in the spirit of retaliation, but usually is. The time to strike is when the victom has his or her hand on the table (the proper position is flat on the table, if the kunckles are folded the damage and pain could be multiplied by 10, this could be good or bad depending on the situation, but is considered by me cruel). When the hand is on the table, the correct HON is administered with a clentched fist. As far as the fist goes, it is best to make sure that all the knuckles are alligned in a straight line. Disalignment of the kunckels can result in unneccessary pain to the HONer. The best time to strike is when the victom is not paying attention, the element of supprise can add to the satisfaction of the HONer. Place the elbow firmly on the table at a distance away from the victom's hand exactally equal to the distance from your elbow to your clentched fist. Finally SLAM!!!!!!

Ns: Since both stooges explained their methods of retaliation (in most cases), I will explain what its like to be on the receiving end of each. First of all, there is no clear cut "best" or in my case "worst". The EOJ and the HON are both designed for different kinds of punishment and the severity of each can be adjusted based on the preferred pain level. Receiving the EOJ is not fun, especially when enough force is built up to knock the receiver off of his seat. The most severe hit is the direct connect with the chesticle. The EOJ is usually spotted seconds before it happens. The only way to defend it is to hook your legs on the bar holding your seat up. The second attack comes from across the table and is deadly to the nerves of the hand if administered in a cruel and unusual fashion. This happens when the receivers hand is partially clenched into a fist. This has happened to me before and usually results in pain for the remainder of the day. Although the primary user of the HON tries to avoid this, you can’t necessarily know when someone (the receiver) is going to move their hand. The flat-handed receiver is still dealt a significant amount of pain, and thus this method is sufficient in serving its purpose. Positioned next to the “instigator”, the EOJ is the weapon of choice; across the table, beware the mighty HON.

October 30, 2004

Today's Question: What is the difference between playing a piano and playing a harp?

(15:14:55) Cheng: in regular tennis, u don't hit the tennis ball with dc
(15:15:00) Cheng: with your hands
(15:15:11) Cheng: thats cc
(15:15:15) Cheng: control contact
(15:15:30) QOTW: yeah
(15:15:36) QOTW: my book corresponds to the racket
(15:15:47) QOTW: lhj/cc
(15:15:49) Cheng: yeah
(15:15:55) QOTW: that's mildly complicated
(15:16:10) Cheng: lhj only refer to dc, i think
(15:16:24) QOTW: so it's no longer a lhj if i swat the fly with a bookalum
(15:16:32) Cheng: no
(15:16:38) QOTW: croicky, ok
(15:16:41) Cheng: it never was
(15:16:46) QOTW: hahahaha
(15:16:57) QOTW: we almost need an encyclopedia for it
(15:16:58) Cheng: even though u use your hands
(15:16:59) Cheng: lol
(15:17:20) QOTW: lol
(15:17:36) QOTW: i guess piano would be dc
(15:17:54) Cheng: depends on how u look at it
(15:17:59) QOTW: that's the problem
(15:18:01) Cheng: lol
(15:18:34) Cheng: u could look at the piano as one or two hits
(15:18:57) QOTW: so a guitar would be dc
(15:19:01) QOTW: but you could say a piano is cc
(15:19:18) Cheng: yes
(15:19:33) QOTW: lol
(15:19:40) Cheng: maybe not
(15:19:41) Cheng: lol
(15:19:47) QOTW: yeah
(15:19:48) QOTW: lol
(15:21:34) Cheng: i would go with cc
(15:21:35) Cheng: lol
(15:22:11) QOTW: hahahahah
(15:22:13) QOTW: ok then
(15:22:36) QOTW: that'll probably affect the way i think about piano playing
(15:22:40) Cheng: lol
(15:22:53) Cheng: wait, maybe not
(15:22:56) Cheng: i'm still thinking, lol
(15:23:05) QOTW: lol
(15:23:13) QOTW: maybe this is a qotw
(15:23:21) QOTW: except its complicated to explain the q, let alone the a
(15:23:28) Cheng: lol
(15:24:14) Cheng: i think its direct now
(15:24:22) QOTW: hahahaha
(15:24:27) QOTW: well once you have the answer
(15:24:52) Cheng: lol
(15:28:23) Cheng: the problem is, i was never actually inside a piano
(15:28:36) QOTW: ohhhh
(15:29:07) Cheng: i have the mini-idea, but i'm not fer sure i have the right idea
(15:29:13) QOTW: lol
(15:29:48) QOTW:
(15:29:54) Cheng: lol
(15:31:52) Cheng: fudge, thats what i was thinking
(15:32:17) Cheng: its dc
(15:32:25) QOTW: lol
(15:32:30) QOTW: whys tht
(15:32:47) Cheng: tht?
(15:33:06) QOTW: that
(15:33:40) Cheng: because each key is its own unit
(15:34:08) QOTW: g unit
(15:34:13) Cheng: the only control u have is how hard u hit the key
(15:34:26) QOTW: but what if it was one key
(15:34:31) QOTW: like you were playing the cymbals
(15:35:39) Cheng: cymbals would be dc
(15:35:50) Cheng: wait, what am i smoking
(15:35:53) QOTW: hahahahahah
(15:35:57) Cheng: that would be cc
(15:37:19) Cheng: scratch what i said before, i was thinking in the wrong zone
(15:37:24) QOTW: lol
(15:37:26) QOTW: autozone
(15:37:37) Cheng: get in the zone
(15:38:20) QOTW: auto zone
(15:39:00) Cheng: i think it has to be cc
(15:39:08) Cheng: because your hands aren't touching the strings
(15:39:50) QOTW: hmmm
(15:39:52) QOTW: ok
(15:44:29) Cheng: its even more cc than a cymbal
(15:44:42) Cheng: because the key is involved
(15:44:57) QOTW: lol
(15:44:58) QOTW: dcc
(15:45:18) Cheng: lol
(15:45:44) Cheng: it would be dc if the key made the noise
(15:46:09) Cheng: but the key punches the hammer into the string
(15:46:35) QOTW: lol
(15:46:39) QOTW: so making the noise is the action
(15:47:17) Cheng: yes
(15:47:24) Cheng: thats the objective of hitting the key
(15:47:30) QOTW: ahhh
(15:47:45) QOTW: i'm not sure how to phrase this into a question and an answer
(15:47:50) QOTW: it's more like lesson of the week
(15:47:52) Cheng: lol
(15:48:00) Cheng: don't ask me
(15:48:03) Cheng: i just answer
(15:48:22) QOTW: lol
(15:48:52) Cheng: the dc version of the piano is the harp
(15:48:55) Cheng: right?
(15:49:18) QOTW: yeah
(15:49:27) Cheng: yeah, that helps it make sense

October 3, 2004

qotw: m__7: what would cheng be without sports?
Cheng: thats an easy q
Cheng: cheng would do what he does now
qotw: what does he do now
Cheng: studies/reads/ does stuff that doesn't ivolve sports
Cheng: *involve
Cheng: lick watching tv and playing ninnish video games
Cheng: *like
Cheng: stacks
qotw: but what about tv shows with sports
qotw: and video games with sports
qotw: that's practically half of what cheng plays
Cheng: i don't have any games here that involve sports
qotw: tv?
Cheng: and i would watch shows that don't have sports in them
qotw: like what
Cheng: like the killing channel
qotw: wha?
Cheng: if we didn't have sports, we would have a different kind of entertainment
Cheng: probably coliseum style
qotw: but that's sports
Cheng: but we are talking modern sports
Cheng: not unmodern
qotw: the q never said modern sports
Cheng: yeah, but its implied
qotw: ook
qotw: i'll ask the part ii
qotw: what about if there were no sports at all?
Cheng: then everyone would get fatter at an even faster rate
qotw: what about you
Cheng: r we talking about cheng now
qotw: yeah
qotw: the question was about cheng
Cheng: then not much would change
qotw: you would get fatter at a faster rate?
Cheng: no, because i'm not really doing any sports now
qotw: but what would you watch
Cheng: movies
qotw: ohhh
qotw: ok
Cheng: i dont' really watch much tv anyways
qotw: lol
Cheng: *don't
qotw: dumb cheng
qotw: spending all his time reading and writing
Cheng: lol

August 8, 2004

Party on Aisle _: do ramen noodles cause cancer?
Party on Aisle _: if so, how
harrrycarrry: hmm
harrrycarrry: no, ramen noodles don't cause cancer
Party on Aisle _: why not?
harrrycarrry: they are innocent victoms, ramen noodles fight hunger
Party on Aisle _: that's kind of a weak question lol
harrrycarrry: yeah
harrrycarrry: lol


ducks___drug: time for the question of the week
h.c.: ok
h.c.: whats the q of the w?
ducks___drug: this question comes from a q-er in mobile, alabama
ducks___drug: "does legolas have pockets?"
h.c.: hahaahahahahahaha
h.c.: yes
ducks___drug: umm
ducks___drug: ok
h.c.: guaranteed

He also has a bow. Its barely noticable, but you can see it in the movie sometimes.