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Pp gun;
(007 -> Cheng)
Party on Aisle 7: when did he come up with it
harrrycarrry: 007
harrrycarrry: while playing that game
Party on Aisle 7: hahaha
harrrycarrry: that was my favorite gun
harrrycarrry: lol
mattu37: indeed
Party on Aisle 7: hahahaha
harrrycarrry: i ran around with the pp gun
Party on Aisle 7: that sounds so funny
lilLorLor4u: wts?
Party on Aisle 7: hahahahah lor
harrrycarrry: and shot people
mattu37: he did
mattu37: i remember
harrrycarrry: lol
mattu37: and it was funny
mattu37: when he got all excited over the pp gun
harrrycarrry: and i ran around saying......"i have the pp gun"
mattu37: hahaha
mattu37: indeed
harrrycarrry: and randomly saying "pp gun"
Party on Aisle 7: no comment