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Not my bad is what Stoogestein says when he wants to claim that something isn't his fault. Usually it's shortened to nmb, because it's mostly used online.

Often, whenever Stoogestein says nmb, it actually is his bad.

The appropriate response to nmb is yyb, short for "yes your bad," regardless of whether it is actually the other person's bad or not.


[01:11] Squeegie: wrud?
[01:11] Stoogestein: watching sumo
[01:11] Stoogestein: i think live
[01:11] Squeegie: lol
[01:11] Squeegie: rus
[01:12] Squeegie: of course you're serious
[01:12] Squeegie: lol
[01:12] Stoogestein:
[01:12] Squeegie: does that have japanese characters
[01:12] Squeegie: because squeegie sees a bunchload of dots
[01:13] Stoogestein: i guess they're supposed to be thurrr
[01:13] Stoogestein: must be the semi-pros
[01:13] Stoogestein: not many stooges there yeti
[01:13] Squeegie: haha
[01:13] Squeegie: is it still rigged
[01:14] Stoogestein: oh, this should be 3rd division
[01:15] Squeegie: lol
[01:15] Stoogestein: not officially, but possibly
[01:15] Squeegie: squeegie can't get a signal
[01:15] Stoogestein: wts?
[01:15] Squeegie: so squeegie will just go by stoogestein's narration
[01:15] Squeegie: lol
[01:15] Squeegie: it doesn't load with all those dots in it
[01:15] Squeegie: maybe bbc needs to bitly it
[01:16] Stoogestein: nmb
[01:16] Stoogestein: worked for meepheus
[01:16] Squeegie: what site linked to that stream
[01:16] Stoogestein:
[01:17] Squeegie: haha
[01:17] Squeegie: that's vvhy
[01:18] Squeegie: bbc copied the text instead of the address
[01:18] Stoogestein: i discur
[01:18] Squeegie: you won't in 2 seconds
[01:18] Squeegie:
[01:19] Stoogestein: stacks
[01:19] Stoogestein: nmb
[01:19] Squeegie: yyb
[01:19] Stoogestein: nmb
[01:19] Squeegie: yyb
[01:19] Stoogestein: nmb
[01:19] Squeegie: yyb
[01:19] Stoogestein: tsb
[01:19] Squeegie: ppb
[01:20] Squeegie: stacks
[01:20] Squeegie: it's just some stooge removing sumo dust from the field
[01:21] Stoogestein: indeed
[01:23] Squeegie: oh, it's the clinko parade
[01:23] Stoogestein: lol
[01:24] Squeegie: if squeegie wasn't sumo informed, this would make aboot as much sense as that one time we accidentally watched the teletubbies
[01:24] Stoogestein: lol
[01:24] Stoogestein: chengameepheus doesn't, oh now he does
[01:24] Squeegie: wha?
[01:24] Stoogestein: hahaha
[01:24] Squeegie: remember?
[01:24] Squeegie: with the talking vacuum cleaner?
[01:24] Stoogestein: tubbies
[01:24] Squeegie: and the baby in the sun?
[01:24] Squeegie: lol
[01:24] Stoogestein: indeed
[01:24] Squeegie: hahahah