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Cheng's newest sports theories, mostly untested.

Theory 1- Hit County Theory- This is the idea that hitting in football is like a pitch count in baseball. There are two ways this could come through. One is that stats could go down for the next season if a running back reaches a certain amount of hits. Another is that running backs could wear out after a certain number of hits. The idea is that you add up carries and receptions, then subtract TDs from that total. Also, the RB's used will be "used", meaning they are in a split system or the number one guy. Then, their size and weight will be looked at to see if that matters at all.

Theory 2- Schedule theory- This looks at if differences in schedule make a difference. NFL schedules rotate in a predetermined way.

Theory 3- Develop a success theory by seeing what "surprise" teams do in the years preceding their surprise. Schedule? Coach? Free Agents? Draft? This could also be countered by making a failure theory.

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