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A hand job can either be used as a verb or as a noun in someone's name.

hand job as a verb refers to the act of "owning" the ball and knocking it away from where it was intended to go, usually in a downward direction. The hand job also can have another meaning, and this was what it originated as. It is when u use your hands when u aren't supposed to. It was probably later modified to also mean directional hand movements, as the start of my definition states. So, it either means how u hit the object in play or that u are using ur hands when its unauthorized.

the most common reference to hand job is Liuigi hand job. This is because liu often goes tooless and decides his hands are better than what he would be using. This is the case in such things as donkey pong(hand over paddle) and hacky sack(hand over everything else). Other people can try to imitate this, but liuigi is the only known hand job master in Canadia. He also is the only one with the Hand Job Right. Liuigi is required by this right to use hand jobs in every situation possible that won't be negatory to his healthium jones status.