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(Johnny on the spot (Porta-Potty) -> Genie on the spot (Cheng) -> Genie on the laspot)
harrrycarrry: genie on
Re: Good q
? Reply #9 on: June 29th, 2003, 1:55am ?

Ah, "Genie on the Spot", my friend, i remember that one, indeed. It actually stems back to the old Johnny on the spot. That was the root of genie on the spot. Genie on the spot can either be said about someone who is being ninnish or someone that is actually being a "genie on the spot". Depending on usage and sarcasism, the way it is used is usually easy to figure out with some old logisticalized thinking. That, my friend is indeed they origin AND even the usage of the phrase...."genie on the spot". (Cheng)

Don't forget about granny on the spot. Granny on stemmed from genie on, only as the form of the old lady in Outlaws. Outlaws was a great game, i miss it. (Ns)