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(Fonzie (Happy Days) -> Fonzie -> Foncstzy (Cheng) or Fonsie (JJob))

Liu: that's such an annoying word to spell
Cheng: foncstzy
Fat: that's why i always spell it fonzi
Liu: foncstzy

Cheng's explanation:

Re: Good q
? Reply #7 on: June 29th, 2003, 1:48am ?

Mattafur, the correct spelling is foncstzy. I believe that phrase may have originated from one of the characters in Happy Days. It then transformed into an insult used by Chenglish users all over the world. It has many different (and wrong spellings), but FONCSTZY is the correct way.

Fat's response:

Actually meeph, the correct spelling is fonsie. You stupid fonsie!

Cheng's reresponse

Anyone who takes spelling lessons from fat fingers should be turned upside down, spun around seven times, and hit with a wooden think-o-meter plank.