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This is an uhreah for fake profiles. Put whatever you want about fake in here.

The game: Fake Tournament


Tardicus is good at running and shooting. Tardicus can be seen tko'ing cheesy competition (such as Gas) with speed and intelligence. Tardicus is also obsessed with playing fake games such as Domination and Capture the Flag, which happen to be Tardican specialties. Tardicus can be seen with a variety of weapons, but often whatever he happens to have just run over. One fact about Tardicus is that he is the only Canadia player who uses a mouse pad. A least favorite map of his happens to be the jiggily one with three towers. Some say Tardicus appears to be all over the map whenever he plays.


Gas is good at tko'ing Tardicus. You will often see Gas tko'ing with the sniper and rockets on outdoor levels, especially on the three tower level. On indoor levels, Gas tends to use flak more, but is well rounded with most weapons, though perfers not to use the bladinator unless the situation demands it. Gas's best weapons are the piston and the pp gun. Gas's worst level is the ship level, though he has a strategy which is fun and completely inneffective. Gas's specialty is DM, but is also good at CTF.


Squeegie is good at the element of surprise and tactical moves. As long as Squeegie isn't outdoors he's dangerous, but on outdoor levels where you can fall off he has occasional problems, particularly on the one map with all the ramps on the outside. Squeegie used to never use the rocket cannon, but in the past few days he's found it particularly effective. Basically, you have outdoor Squeegie and indoor Squeegie, and if one of them gets TKO'd Squeegie's new plan is to switch modes. Squeegie is also not good with AI for Domination. He may win a match with other humans, but we're not sure.


Unit is good at being good sometimes, and not good at other times. He is good at long range combat. Instead of using weapons of mass distortion with a lot of spread damage (such as the rocket launcher, liudeemer, and the cheesey shot gun), he uses more precision weapons such as the sniper rifle, green gazer beam, or the double enforcers. Unit enjoys taking the lead over more established players such as Gas. His favorite level is the low gravity level.