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This game should be funty if its dundee.


Court size- The court should be in normal private tennis court formation. The fence should be 10 feet high all around. The doors should be on the ends (right side: facing) and should be 6.5 ft high? and 3 or 4 ft wide. A useless net thats a couple feet or so high should be put in the middle. the tennis court itself should be about 36 feet by 78 feet. The fault lines are important for this and they are the same as the tennis court serving lines. Behind these lines, a 10-15 foot space between the fault line and fence should be put in.

Tim: So the fence will be approximately 2 times higher than the players. Cheng- correctus

User view- you're over the shoulder of the hitter. and the defender is always on the far side. the screen rotates after possession changes.

Tim: Only the fence on the far end will be displayed, not the near end. What about the side fences? Cheng- no side fences, they are an invisi-barricade.

Weather- we don't need to put in any weather factors, at least for now.

user- there should eventually be a sun, so squeegie sideways sports sunglasses sometimes

Hitting- hitting should be interesting. there will be a Power meter, most likely where something will move and the hitter will have to click his mouse/tap a button to lock in a power amount. Angle will be determined by moving the mouse/arrow keys up and down. moving sideways will just move the player. Spin should be determined by a plinko drop. Maybe involving 4 levels of spin.

Spinage Levels-

0= no spinage

1= minor spin (1/2 foot of end location change)

2= medium spin (1 foot of end location change)

3= major spin (1.5 feet of location change)

User view of hitting- The hitter will be on the bottom of the screen and the defender(s) will be on top (far side). On the bottom left of the hitter's screen is the power meter. In the middle area should be the angle meter, or both of these meter's can be integrated. The angle meter should also allow the shot to be moved sideways/diagnol as well as up and down. Angle will be determined first, followed by power, followed by spin. The spin (plinko drop) will be on the bottom right of the screen. After this is tabulated, the hitter will see his player either whack the ball or see a ball fly toward the defender(s). The ball should not go directly to the spot where its directed to, there should a shot range, which becomes a random circle where the ball can land around where the ball is directed to. Oh, and hitters will be mobile, although they are stationary after starting the hitting process.

Blocking- If possible there should be 2 different blocking ratings. One is if the ball hits the blockers body, this should be higher and probably 100%. The other should be if the ball hits the limb or racket area of the blocker, this should be lower, depending on the blocking skill of the blocker.

Tim: Do you have to press any button to try a block with the racket? Cheng- hmm, yes, but only if it can be made to improve block stats/range.

User view of blocking- The blocker will see the hitter starting his shot. The blockers will be able to move (in all directions) and jump until they turn into hitters.

Skills- these differentiate players from one another. Skills should include- power, speed, spin, blocking, jumping.

Skills should be displayed if possible, like when players are being selected. Either in menu mode or on cheesy list mode.

Jumping- this will be button activated for blocking, it should be possible, if possible, for someone making a late jump to knock the ball over the fence.

Jumping will be activated by a button.

Speed- this is side to side and front to back speed. This is for covering space.

Players- as close to scale as possible. Players bodies should be thought of as blocks, but their limbs and rackets should be under a different standard.

Tim: You may have to do graphics. I'm envisioning something along the lines of Chengtoon graphics, which I will subsequently photoshop. Cheng- i can do that. i will also give you some stats eventually.

The ball- I can't really tell you how bouncy the ball should be.

Tell me what i'm missing.