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Don�t ask/Don�t tell/William Tell:
(Army->Don�t ask/Don�t tell->Cheng, William Tell: Liu)
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� Reply #5 on: June 29th, 2003, 1:38am �

Oh, why in fact i can tell you the origin of that very, very, very much used phrase, indeed. I remember when someone would say something that someone could ask about and not want to know the answer to, i would say......."don't ask, don't tell policy". This, i stronly believe, was created while i was talking with Jason Schwartz. That, my friend, explains the don't ask and don't tell of the phrase. I know what your saying now. What about William Tell? Where did it come from? Who the stacks added William Tell to the end of the phrase? You are in luck, my friend, because Smart_Person knows the answer to these questions, indeed. The maker of the William Tell part of the phrase was not me , but actually Squeegie . He added due to it having tell in it, as the phrase don't tell does. It also has William in it, which makes it funny, due to you know why. It also fills the pattern of the phrase. One word is replace each time to create a new phrase. The phrase morphs from don't ask to don't tell to William Tell, where in no word is in the firs part of the phrase and the last part of the phrase. William Tell doesn't have any inside connections with don't ask or don't tell other than the ones mentioned above. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, William Tell is now a part of Chenglish forever to come. (Cheng)