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This was made last year by Chengameepheus. I hardly remember making these, and they go along with the Canadia logo. This is also unfinished and may or may not be finished in the future, partially depending on thoughts of Chengtoon viewers.

  • Frame1Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame2Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame3Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame4Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame5Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame6Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame7Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame8Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame9Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame10Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame11Chengtoon1.PNG

  • Frame12Chengtoon1.PNG