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Cheng or someone Cheng selects will sometimes be "challenged".

September 19, 2005

This time, Cheng is challenging himself to name a neopet or petpet using every letter (cheng will not cheat and look at neopets).

Acara, Blumaroo (or bungalow of Heads (Bearog)), Cobrall, Doglefox, Elephante (Totem), Flotsam, Grarrl or Grrarl?, Harris, Ixi (stixs), JubJub, Kiko, Lupe, Mynci, Nimmo, O?, Pteri, Quiggle, R?, Scorchio, Tuskaninny, Usul, V?, Wocky, X?, Y?, Zafara.

That would be 5 forgets. Just fyi, R-Ruki, Y-Yurble, O-?, V-?, X-?.

September 30, 2005

A Domination game between Gas, Liu, and Cheng is the challenge. The rules are slightly complicated, but the first person to 3 wins won. In the end, Gas won 3 rounds, Cheng won 1 round, and Liucifer won 0. It was a good challenge, and the results were very close in most cases.

April 28, 2006

Tossing a penny, Cheng will try to see if he can get heads substantially more than tails. Here are the rules, Cheng will toss a penny, and will stop that session when he exceeds or meets 50% heads. As of now, its 58-47, to see the penny test sheet.