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Canadia Olympics (Still in the planning stage)

Questions to answer- (With partial answers or at least what the vision is.) Please add your vision and q's to the already added visions and q's.

To pre-answer a question, this isn't the Special Olympics, so we aren't all winners. You have the option in any case to not enter an event, but you will always be given a chance to enter. I guess in that way, you are all competitors.

What events do we include?

Right now, the Fudge/Cheng proposal includes 5 event areas. One is E2E, which is a must for the Canadia Olympics. The second is an indoor liu game, which includes dice e2e, sumo, and donkey pong, just to name a few. A third area is an outdoor Canadia game, such as hand tennis. Another area is a smart game or board game. This would include things like Omega Virus, Cranium, Monopoly, and Acquire!, just to name a few. The fifth area would be a video game, like fake, stoogecraft, or halo. A possible addition to this would be an eating contest, which was proposed by fat fingers. We should not include too many events in this competition, as it is the first one we are doing. Canadia Events Listing

AIRSOFT (proposed by gasket)

Where and when will these events take place?

These events will take place in the best arenas possible. That means E2E will take place in a court up to Canadiadian E2E standards. We will try to flexitize the number of places these events can take place. When these events take place will be up to the time schedules of Canadiadians. Any championship matchup should have as many Canadiadian spectators as is possible. Canadia Olympic Calendar

How will we plan times and who plays on any given day?

Cheng thinks that people will be assigned to a certain event, with a backup stooge egging them on. They would figure out who plays and when they can play. This would assure that one event isn't avoided. Game time will probably be picked by the people involved. We use the honor system in Canadia, so all members of Canadia don't have to be present at matchups. The organizer will most likely annoy a date out of the competitors in some cases.

What rules will go into our rules file?

As of now, all we have is above. This can be an issue later.

Are there any more questions?

Are there going to be any sort of prizes for the winners?

Cheng was actually thinking about that, but isn't sure exactly. That will be question of the week. Most likely, if there are prizes, everyone will have to take the risk.

Thank you,

from Commissioner Chengameepheus