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This listing for Canadia Olympics.

This page is going to hold information on what events are in the Canadia Olympics, who is going to help schedule/plan each event, and other useful descriptions.

Event Listing, as of October 17th

1) E2E- This important Canadiadian game is a must in the Canadia Olympics. The organization squad for this event is TBA. This event will take place in The Canadia Complex(liu's), as its the only official court we have as of now. The vision for the event schedule, is a tourney of 4 teams of 2.

2) Indoor Liu Game- This will most likely take place at The Canadia Complex(liu). The Organization team will most likely include liu, but other than that it is unknown. This will probably follow a similar framework as E2E.

3) Smart/Board games- This can take place anywhere, luckilly. Commissioner Chengameepheus plans on having Gas on board for this organization team. This event schedule will be one of a kind.

4) Outdoor Canadia Game- Most likely hand tennis, but others will be considered. Fudge will probably be on the organization team of this event. Court is TBA, but will depend on the event, which is not officially known as of now.

5) The Computer/Video Game- The game that we chose will be the question here. Figuring out everything after that should be simple and we can execute this event in multiple localities.

6) Ironman contest- whoever gets the most points from all the other events. (1 point for last, 2 points for 2nd to last, and so on for each event)

Please notify meepheus if u see any problems or would like to help with an event. We need thinkers and hosters to make the Canadia Olympics succeed.